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Audition Preparation and Coaching

A Personalised Approach

Alongside being a seasoned professional actor, Eddie is also an experienced acting coach. Having successfully coached actors and aspiring actors of all ages, and levels of ability; whether for Drama School auditions, LAMDA examinations, extra preparation for an all important role, or those just seeking an extra outlet for their innate creativity, Eddie's broad training background means he can adapt and tailor his approach to best suit the needs of each individual.

Public Speaking and Vocal Training

Voice and Body

Good vocal technique is not just for actors. Public speaking is an important aspect of many professions, and having the necessary skills can be the difference between success and failure. Regular vocal work has the power to transform how you are perceived by your peers, clear emotional blocks, and improve your confidence.

Skype classes are currently available. Click here now to discuss options and arrange your booking.

Dance Class
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